Lesher's Poultry Farm began as a small Backyard flock about 1918. Now over 100 years later, the farm is owned and operated by the third and fourth generation. With expansion and advances in technology we continue to produce and deliver a Quality Product with the service and personal care you deserve!

Our Farm Has Enriched Colonys, Because It Is The Most Hygienic Way To Humanely Raise Chickens
— The Lesher Family

What We Do At Lesher'S

-Raise our own baby chicks from one day old

-Grow our own crops to feed our chickens. (Corn, Soybeans, Wheat)

-Grind our own fresh feed just a few feet from the chickens

-Only Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Vitamins and Minerals are in our feed

-They Are Packed for shipment to you on the day they are laid by the hens

-Most Eggs are delivered to our Customers Locations within the same week they are laid